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miso+sach Collabmissions!

Tue Jul 14, 2015, 8:32 PM

Hello lovely watchers! Long time no see~ I have risen from the grave to announce that me and sachiin are currently doing collab commissions! If you're interested, please check out our journal here in our account :iconotpotato: :
Here are some samples of what we have to offer~

Chibi Sample by OTPotato Half Body Sample by OTPotato Fullbody Sample by OTPotato

lmao like all the RxL examples?

Thanks for reading, peeps! > v o)/<3

Hello, lovelies! The time has come~ Starting today, Where Tangents Meet is being published on
LINE Webtoons. You can read the comic in the link provided above! I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive of WTM, it wouldn't have made it this far without all your love and encouragement! If you can, please like/rate/sub/comment to show your support and to keep WTM up on webtoons and to keep the episodes coming every week! ^^

ALSO, currently LINE webtoon is doing an event where you can have a chance to win a FREE iPad by commenting on any of your favorite webtoons! The event period starts from April 1 to April 15~ If you want, feel free to drop a comment on WTM to get a chance at winning. :> For more details on how to win, visit this link here.

Already a webtoons fan? I've got some great news for you! Thanks to one of the comic creators, StephenMcCranie (creator of SPACE BOY), there's a new forum that just recently opened up for the LINE Webtoon community, creators and fans united. :> This site enables readers, fans, and comic artists to interact, make friends, share thoughts and ideas, and just simply have fun! I definitely encourage you to make an account if you're interested~ I'll see you there!

Thanks for taking your time to read this journal~ Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful day! <3 Aaaannd now I have to run off to school. Ciao /o/

I've decided to send you guys comic updates via journal~ I hope you don't mind ; 7 ; <3

Chapter 10 of WTM Has been posted~ You can read it on Tapastic or Webtoons!

You can find the webcomic here~!:

3000+ subs on tapastic, so I'm assuming quite a bit of you are liking it so far? TvT Thanks for your support guys, you all are very wonderful <3


The rumored “prince” isn’t cut out to be what people claim he is! Landon is aloof, apathetic, and cynical towards the world. But what happens when he suddenly falls for the strange and eccentric upperclassman, Rachelle, who turns his world around? 

A story by :iconinstantmiso::iconsachiin:
Art by instantmiso

Hey there, lovely people! I just wanted to let you guys know that :iconplaces-ab: is holding a contest where 3 winners will get a chance to have their art featured in the art book! The winners will also win prizes like a free copy of the art book, cash/points, and request(s)! What makes it even better is that it's a charity art book and 100% of the profit will be going to the North Texas Food Bank, so you have the opportunity to be part of a great cause! + v +

Check out the groups journal here for more information:
Artbook Contest ENDED! EDIT 3: Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all your contest submissions. They all look really lovely and I never expected so many people to participate, so thank you so much. I just wanted to inform you that submissions to the contest are now closed, and that you can expect the results of the winners of the contest to come out in the next 1 or 2 weeks.
EDIT: FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT THERE IS LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT UNTIL THE DUE DATE FOR THIS CONTEST. If you feel that you will need an extension, I am giving people who need it 1-2 weeks of extra time.
While all our invited artist spots are now filled, if you've ever wanted your art featured alongside other talented artists, now is your chance! Read on for more information

Interested in buying a copy of the art book? Preorders are still available, so don't miss out~!:
Pre-Orders available!Hello everyone! As the previews for the artbook and the contest submissions are rolling in, I would just like to announce that pre-orders are available now as well!
Please check out the link below for more information:

Hey everyone!
First of all, I'd like to formally thank everyone for choosing to be a part of this project! Thank you so much! I'm excited to make this project happen with all of you guys.
I made a journal with the artists list so far. If you have an idea of what you're going to draw for the theme please comment on it.
Thanks so much for all your join requests and suggestions! There were so many of so it was hard to decide who to choose as we only have a limited number of pages we can print for the artbook. Join requests are now closed.
The artists we ended up inviting are

I'm honored to say that I'm participating in this art book alongside many beautiful and talented artists! Here's a list of all the featured artists so far to get a gist of what amazing stuff the charity book will have to offer!:

Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you all have a wonderful day! :iconallmyloveplz:

Commissions [slots CLOSED]

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 6:58 PM

instantmiso's commissions [closed] by instantmiso

What I CAN DO:

  • OCs
  • fan art
  • fan service
  • couples
  • shounen/shoujo ai
  • backgrounds
  •  3 character limit per commission


  • mecha
  • furries
  • nudity/ sexually explicit themes
  • gore
  • hentai/yaoi/yuri

(Let’s keep it PG ppl)

Payment Info:

  • I’ll accept payments through Paypal only (please exclude fee from commission price. To calculate please refer to this )
  • All payments must be in USD

Interested in commissioning me? Here’s what you do! (PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED BELOW):

  • Send me a note titled with the subject “Commission”
  • In your note, please include the following:

  1. Commission: [bust, waist up, full body] (due to lack of demand for chibis, I'm discontinuing the option)
  2. Number of characters: (maximum 3)
  3. Reference(s):
  4. Additional information/requests:
  5. Your paypal email address:

Here’s what I will do!

  • I will respond to you if I accept your commission (I have the right to decline a commission if I don’t feel comfortable with your request)
  • In that same response, I will tell you the total price of the commission
  • I will start on the commission once you have sent your payment via paypal
  • I will try to finish the commission as soon as possible. If you would like to give me a deadline, that’s totally negotiable too!
  • When the commission is complete, I will notify you and submit the .jpg picture to my gallery and/or tumblr. (If you just want me to send it to you privately, just specify so in your note)

If you want a specific background it may cost a bit extra depending on your request, otherwise I’ll leave the background white/plain color. If your character has a lot of details/accessories, I may have to charge extra as well. I will open a maximum of 3 SLOTS, but commissions will be closed once those are full. Based on how fast I can finish, I will reopen slots again.

Slots: (  Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart Commissions) 

1. whysarasweetie
2. Unioke
3. Megillien

Waiting List: (commissions with pending payments; names will be removed from the list after two weeks with failure to pay)



Price Info:

Bust sketch

  • colored: $15.00 (per chara)

Waist Up

  • colored: $20.00 (per chara)

Full body

  • colored: $30.00 (per chara)

Looking for more artists to commission? Check out my Friend's Commissions !

Daily Deviation?

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 9:18 AM

I'm still a little shocked and in disbelief, but I guess one of my deviations had been selected as a DD. I feel extremely honored and at the same time unworthy, but I am so flattered from all the support from everyone here on deviantart. So I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement. I especially want to thank cinyu for giving me the honor of a Daily Deviation in the first place. I hope to encourage and influence other artists just as all of you have done to me and spread the idea that you can accomplish things if you really set your heart and mind to it. So again, thank you all very much. ; v ;

Bakery by instantmiso

 | Commissions | Friend's Commissions | tumblr |

Signal Boost! Friends Commissions~

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 6:01 PM
 Ey yo! I got more awesome artists for you to check out~ * u *
Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that my commissions are still currently opened, HOWEVER, if you're interested in checking out other artists, I have several talented friends you may be interested in commissioning! * v *

:iconlittlemixer: Emergency CommissionsI never thought I would have to do this, but I'm really at an end corner right now. Currently, my family is in a financial crisis. My parents are both getting old and their ability to manual labour is declining, my father can longer keep his business open and my mother is forced to do minimum wage jobs to keep the house and feed the family and the pets. 
My sister and I are doing our best to keep our own home and feed ourselves but currently my job is not allowing me hours for my position. This has caused me to rely heavily on others and I am now in debt to thousands of dollars to friends and I'm still stuck in this broke rut. I'm currently looking for another job and even thinking about dropping out of school but if you guys can help I would really appreciate it. 
I'm offering cheap commissions, cheaper than what I had initially suggested in my postings prior to this. If you are interested please note me with the following format:
Number of characters:

:iconmyabun:<da:thumb id="347809530"/>
:iconeumei: Commissions Closed!Imma keep it simple. NO DEADLINES. I can do fanart, original characters. Humans / Kemonomimis only! Simple details are preferred as well. Maximum of three characters per piece. Payment through paypal.
Half Body Sketch [$5 ea]
Full Body Sketch [$8 ea]

Half Body Colored [$10 ea]

Adoptables open!!!
Bullet; Red These will be the last adoptables I would probably post here since I made a different account for them: :iconnelipott:
:iconblue-kites: CommissionsDetails
Fully inked and colored with solid backgroundBase Price: $12Additional Characters: $10
Simple Sketches
Sketches with flatsBase PricesBustshot: $10Waist Up: $13Full Body: $15Additional Characters:Bustshot: $8Waist Up: $10Full Body: $12
Regular Sketches
Sketches with color blockingBase PricesBustshot: $13Waist Up: $15Full Body: $20Additional Characters:Bustshot: $10Waist Up: $12Full Body: $15
How to Order
1. Please email me at OR note me with the subject “Commission Request” as your sub

:iconayaring:<da:thumb id="455722692"/>
:iconsehika: COMMISSIONS [ Closed ]Please do take time to read everything before noting me ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
* I sometimes dont really do stuff in order so yeah just send me your references whenever you're good to go so I can just start as soon as I'm able to.
► Paypal only. No E-checks please.
► The prices set below doesn't include the paypal fee. 
► I will NOT do yaoi / yuri / hentai / furries / mecha / old people.
► I will limit to 3 characters per piece.
► Only 1 order per person.
► I might ask for an additional fee if your character(s) have complex designs. Fee may range to $5 - $15.

If you're interested, please follow the guidelines below.

► Commission [ A / B / C / D ]
► Type ( choose one under the category )

:iconymirre: Commissions (Closed)Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of art posts here in DA recently.  I've been busy with rl stuffs and I'm currently aiming to be a portrait artist.  I decided to open up commissions so I can pay for my own lessons and fend for myself.  I'll only open two slots at a time for now.
8-21-2014: Closing commissions while my laptop is broken.
Status: CLOSED
Working on:
1. --------
2. --------

Click images for more samples

Paypal only, all payments should be in USD.Prices posted above are exclusive of paypal fees.
Slots are per person, not per art. So you can order as much as you want (But if it's too many for me

:iconfuicchi-nee:<da:thumb id="459658608"/>
:iconmayunnaize:<da:thumb id="471272370"/>
:iconyaocchi:<da:thumb id="460962335"/>
:iconsabviee: Commissions [OPEN] 2/3 (Chibi samples added)Hi guys, I'm open for commission because of various reasons (basically school needs)
So I'm up for quick waist-up commissions starting at 10$
Chibi for 5$
1. Zerro
2. Aden-the-caring-one
-l only draw girls coz boys take forever to draw
-No hentai/perverted requests
-No furries ( I can't draw them I'm sorry)
If interested, please PM me, Thank you ; v ; <333

Please check these guys out! They all are amazing artists! Other than that, have a wonderful day~

Memorieal Artbook Normal Sales are OPEN!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 1:55 PM


I just received a copy of the Memorieal Artbook yesterday and I absolutely love it! * V * You can order one too because normal sales are opened right now! Go check out the journal here:
Normal Sales are OPENHi,
Normal sales are open at our storenvy!! Go take a look. Books will be send the weekend you order it.
Most of the books have been sent out while others will be sometime late next week or early the week after.
I will be posting a deviation with photos of the book on sale itself and finalised info, but right now the prices are in the store is what it is. It won't be changing anymore.
Although the prices increased, I was able to decrease the shipping slightly so in reality, the books don't cost too much more then they were before. However...
There are only 18 out of 20 units of the Platinum Edition Set that is the most worthwhile! Save up to $20 USD
x A4 Size
x Fully coloured
x Perfect bind
x 61 Artists
x 70+ Pages
x Exclusive artworks, interviews, sketches and walkthroughs
x 2 page list set of websites and short biographies on artists all compiled for your easy access
I want to thank all of you for makin

Memorieal is a charity artbook committed to the organization Shelter Box, helping to fund raise food, shelter, and much more for people in need! So by buying a copy, you'll not only get to own a collection of amazing artworks, but you can also be making a difference in the world!

You can look here for a preview of the complete artwork set:
Complete Artworks Set - PREVIEWS by Akiocha

Thanks for your time!

My deviantART Story!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 11:41 AM
I'm probably late doing this, but I'll post a journal anyway for the heck of it! :iconyaygilbirdplz: Huzzah!
But any who, I found deviantart way back in Spring of 2009 at the age 15. I was looking for Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna fan art and stumbled upon all these amazing artists! However, seeing that there wasn't too much fan art for Spiral, I decided to make an account of my own and spread the love as miso-hot3! (Even though I wasn't all that great, but I loved drawing anyways sooo... yeah)
Ayuhiyo  By Your Side By Miso Hot3 by instantmiso  Napping So Peacefully by miso hot3 by instantmiso  What  s Important to Me by miso hot3 by instantmiso
Sweet Surprise by instantmiso Fantasy Boy by instantmiso Sweet Love by instantmiso
So basically this account was solely for Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna fan art, consisting of my FAVORITE OTP at the time, AyumuxHiyono. And all of my art was made either traditionally or with MS paint. (Oh gog, the hardships and horrors of MS paint) Occasionally, I'd submit random arts that were non-Spiral. This went on for about a year or two, but I remember being in and out of dA when I was around the age 16 or 17.
Finally, early in the year of 2011, I bought myself my beloved TABLET~ I was a total noob to digital art, but I thought of all of the POSSIBILITIES!-- So I gave it a shot. But it wasn't until the summer (after high school graduation) that I started to experiment with my tablet.
It's Raining Bunnies by instantmiso Gotta Love Bishounens by instantmiso NYAOKO by instantmiso

Rp World By Miso Hot3-d4ivk57 by instantmiso
101 Days by instantmiso
Joining groups here on deviant art was definitely one of the best decisions I've made! :iconblushuplz: I've met so many talented artists and made so many wonderful friendships~ We're always inspiring each other and watching each other grow as better artists! At this point in my deviantART adventure, I was starting to branch off in finding my own original style and getting comfortable with digital art.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not by instantmiso Unrequited? by instantmiso Bridal Flowers by instantmiso
Would You Like a Smile With That? by instantmiso Promise by instantmiso b l u e by instantmiso
This current year, I feel like I've made another progress in my art style, adapting more of a painting style to my works! My style needs to be touched up, but I'm working on it and I hope to improve more in the years to come! o v o9

RxL by instantmiso Bakery by instantmiso Attack on Titan by instantmiso
072814 by instantmiso Floating Girl by instantmiso Sailor Moon Crystal by instantmiso

I just want to thank all my friends, family, and fans on this site for their constant love and support! All of you truly bring out my aspirations to become a better artist!
I love you, deviantART! :iconkissingplz:

(This is a recycled journal btw o<-< ahaha...)

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes! They were all very sweet and I'm so happy that people actually took the time to do that so THANK YOU! :iconwibblesplz:

I can't say I did anything extraordinary on my birthday (it was on a school day for the most part - v -), but I got to spend time with/see/talk to people I love and that's all that really mattered honestly. I'm really blessed to have received so much love from my friends and family.

I'm going to take a moment to especially thank my dA family right now. (You guys know who you are) :iconsadcraiplz: The morning of my birthday, some of them just barraged me with birthday greetings lol. It was in that moment it hit me that... wow, I've known these guys for like, a couple years now. And it made me realize that we really are like our own family. Supporting one another, drawing together, laughing together, growing up together. I just wanted to tell you guys that I love you very much and I honestly don't know what I'd do without you guys. Let's stick together always! <3

Thanks for taking the time to read my journal! And thanks so much to all of you again! :iconkissingplz:

Hello! Hello! Long time no journal. :iconlazywaveplz:

Just wanted to tell everyone I'll be out of town for the next several days~ not that it matters to most of you, really, but still :iconimsotiredplz: AHAHA So as a heads up I will be gone up until July 4th. But that's not so bad! Right? Riiiight. :iconteatimeplz:

But to make things a little less un-dead around here, I'm going to do my second kiriban! * v */ At 66,666 pageviews! (apologies to those superstitious ones out there, but it's 5 sixes in a row. that's pretty neat, right? > v > )  Send me a note of a screenshot of my profile at 66,666pvs and I'll draw you a character of your choice, whether it be an OC or fanart. O v Ob

Though my guesstimate tells me I'll be back before I hit that many pvs, it would be nice to be able to draw something for someone as soon as I come back! ^ v ^ So please keep a look out!

Take care, everyone! I'll be back later~ :iconkissingplz:
The past three months I've neglected my deviantart, sorry guys I was busy hibernating this whole time--:iconteatimeplz://SLAPPED jk but I've just been busy with school lately... and too lazy... and doing other stuff to draw something decent. ohoho :iconimsotiredplz: I'll apologize if I haven't responded to any comments or replies, I kinda let all my messages pile up but I did a clean up just now. T v T Oh! And thanks to all of you new watchers-- although I don't know why you would watch me even when I haven't posted anything in the few months < w > Still, I appreciate it lots. ♥

But the main reason for this journal I guess is to tell everyone I'm not dead? LOL! I'll try to post more art when I can and I apologize again for the inactivity. o v o

And that should conclude my journal. c: Thanks for even taking the time to read this < v > I hope your day is filled with rainbows and sunshines! Bye bye!

Thank You! c:

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 24, 2012, 5:40 PM

Edit: Another recycled journal! /o/ 9-24-14
Hello, Lovelies! I just wanted to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes~ Some people even went out of their way to send me really sweet and thoughtful messages, so thanks a bunch for those! Those really made my day. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special, lmaooo. T w T I also took the liberty of posting all the beautiful art gifts on my profile page. (I hope you guys don't mind, but I love each and everyone one of them! And.. I want to show how super awesome and talented my friends are /// ♥)
So thanks for all the love! If I could, I'd hug each and every one of you! Take care~

♥, miso

Bye Bye

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 26, 2012, 11:23 PM

My second year in college starts tomorrow, so I'll be on hiatus for a while. T v T I have mixed feelings about going back to school; I'm partly excited to have a fresh start and having the chance to meet new people, but at the same time I kind of wish I did more with my summer. Nonetheless, I still had a pretty awesome three months of vacation!

But anywho, I'm planning on making some changes!-- Meaning I'll be missing in action for some time. I'll still check in from time to time for mandatory group things and such, but I won't be around as much as I usually am. (I still have one last commission to complete too, it's still in progress but I'll be sure to finish it sometime soon * ^ *) The same probably applies to chatrooms and rps too. I'll be taking a break from rps and applying and whatnot, but of course I'm still going to keep drawing and doodling~ It's a great stress reliever, you know? It's good practice! It's fun. It's. . . LIFE * - * LOL just kidding. But you guys know how it is. u v u. . . Not that I'll submit most of my sketches though. OTL

I'm going to miss a lot of my friends though here on deviantart. I'll try logging onto messenger every so often to keep in touch, but probably only on weekends. I'll try replying to regular messages when I can, but I may take a while to respond back. I know I've made other similar hiatus journals like this before. So what's all the fuss about? I don't know how long it will take until the hiatus is over, but recently I realized something...

I feel like at this time in my life, I'm experiencing a lot of new things. I'm getting older and I've been thinking a lot about the future lately. I mean, in about two years I'll be an adult already. So maybe it might not be that big of a deal to some people; everybody gets old and everybody grows up, but I when I look at myself, I can see that I still need changes as a person. This past year I've noticed some progress I've made in myself. I'm not as much of the shy kid that I used to be, but when it all comes down I still need to grow up and get myself out there.... All this time I have been sheltered. I've been afraid to step out of my comfort zone. Afraid to push myself forward and take action... And I realized I can't keep doing this.

I want to make something out of myself. I want to be a better person. I want to be stronger than I am right now. I want to be someone my family and friends can be proud of. Someone who they won't have to worry about. Someone confident an independent... I don't know how long it will take me and probably I'm still scared, but I'm determined to do it. There's still a lot about growing up I need to learn about. I don't want to feel useless or helpless anymore. I don't want to let people down. And more importantly, I don't want to let myself down.

If you actually took the time to read this, thanks. lol ; v ; Probably I said more than I needed to, but I felt this was important to me right now.... Or perhaps I might just look back at this later and see how stupid this is. - 7 -; lol!

So to wrap this up, I hope you all are well and in good health. Best wishes to all of you and I'll be seeing you later! Bye bye for now~ ; v ;/


A Big Shout Out and Name Change?!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2012, 6:06 PM

An extreeemely big shout out and thank you to :iconmangostickyrice: for the month premium! Thank you so much, you really are too kind and I can't thank you enough for it. ; 7 ; ♥ I'll try to make the best of the month's premium so it won't go to waste. LOL

So speaking of premiums! I can change my name now. :iconrlytearplz: I've been longing to change it for a while now. So yeah, just a heads up! I'll still be "miso" though, so no worries. T 7 T For those of you who call me miso.

Why am I changing my username? Because I was fifteen years old back then and stupid:iconsopsplz://SLAPPED just kidding. "miso-hot" just seems a bit conceited to me, even if it's supposed to be a pun.:iconpapcryplz: So let's try going for something more humble, yes? //PUNCHED Plus, I've never been too fond of "3" being at the end of it. I want this because of reasons.:iconimsotiredplz:

Ah! And if you haven't noticed already, commissions are CLOSED~ I know I've been pretty slow lately, but I am in the process on working on them. So have no fear! O v Ob It's just that lately there's been group stuff and events that I also need to get done, but I shall try and finish those commissions done as soon as I can. * ^ *

Thanks for taking the time to read this journal! miso out! > v </~♥

Oh! And if you're interested, please check out the group :icondeadmanschronicles: if you can! c;

Hello there, Lovelies~♥

I'll be trying something new for a change! * v *9 I'm going to do my very first kiriban at 50,000! I noticed a lot of my friends here on deviantart do kiribans, so I just wanted to give it a shot I guess. (Plus, it seems like a lot of fun~ >///<) So! If you can note me a screenshot of my profile pageviews at exactly 50,000, I will draw a request from you~! (And please do make a request that's something I'd be capable of. ;; You know…Not anything rated R or something OTL)

And let's try something else too! A voice meme…. ! * A * Cause… I noticed my friends have been doing those too lately. And it makes me happy when I hear their lovely voices~ >//v//> (LOL I'm not a creeper, am I?) So I decided to jump on that bandwagon also! ; 7 ; ….in hopes that more of my friends will do it too… so I can hear their voices also… >//v//>a;; Cause I don't know… I personally like getting to know people and building closer relations and it feels like you're opening up more when you do these kinds of things. I'm still a bit shy, but I'll try to take some initiative from now on! * ^ * 9 ...okay I'll stop being so friendship-happy now:iconokayfaceplz:

So please ask me anything, whether it's art related or personal and whatnot and I will do my best to answer them! …I'll post another journal later on with a link to me answering your questions~

EDIT:My voice meme is finished! \; 7 ;/ It can be found right here~~ -->… :iconsparklesplz:

Thanks for all the crack questions you guys! It was fun... ^//7//^;;

Hopefully your ears don't bleed!:iconpandarunplz:

Thanks for taking the time to read my journal, you guys. ^//v//^ Take care, and may the rest your day be wonderful~:iconureshiiplz:
  • Eating: tamarind candy! * Q *
  • Drinking: Aloe juuuiiiccee = v =
Hello lovelies~ ♥

I just wanted to give everyone a little update on what's been going on with me and my life. And I guess it's just… College and school really. lol I can tell this semester is a lot more difficult than the first and my schedule feels crazy during the weekdays. Waking up from 5:30 in the morning and driving back home at 6:00 at night sometimes makes me want to scream and pull my hair out. But you know, looking past all of the schoolwork, all of the due dates and deadlines and schedules… I think I should be happy with my life. I mean, I'm in good health. I have a loving family that I can always come home to. I know my parents work hard to send me and my sisters to school. Heck. I feel spoiled because I'm eighteen and my Dad still cooks dinner for me when I get home. And even though I haven't seen or talked to my friends as much as I would like to, I know that they love me and will always be there. In real life and online. These past few days I've even met these amazing new people that I hope that I can consider my friends soon too. And you know, it's all just a reminder to myself how lucky I am and that I should be able to look past the things that get me down.
It inspires me. And I'm not sure if you guys already know this or not, but my biggest problem with myself is my lack of confidence. I live in fear of upsetting people or getting hurt, and it all relates and links back to my problems. I'm too shy. I don't speak up enough. I'm not strong enough. I'm not good enough—I mean, seriously! Even with my drawings, I like it once and then I despise it the very next day! I guess I'm indecisive, but if I really think about it; what is there to be afraid of? Like I said before, I should be happy with myself. I should be grateful for the life I'm living. I have everything I need. I have family. I have friends. I have God. I have love. And yeah, I do tell myself this from time to time, but I often forget and stress about even the smallest things. I just have to keep reminding myself more that I need to put the little things aside and remember what's truly important. What I should be thankful for rather than what I'm worrying about.
And sure, you can't help but feel overwhelmed and sad or frustrated at times; it's only human. And I don't mean to flaunt my happiness in people's faces or force it on anyone. But I guess I'm making this as a reminder to myself and everyone that no one is ever truly alone and that everyone deserves to be happy. Because you are loved and you deserve to smile. You have to remember to love yourself. Not to the point where you're conceited, but just enough for you to realize that you are the person that makes you who you are. No one has the right to tell you you're not good enough or you're not perfect. You are you. And you are beautiful. And no one can take that away from you.
I want to embrace the life that I'm living. The life that God has blessed me with. And even if life seems tough, you just have to keep your head up and keep going. Because you deserve to be happy.

♥ miso

Thanks for reading my happy rant. - x - I'll get to my messages tomorrow! But for now, SLEEP!!!! > O <
School starts again tomorrow, so that means it's time to focus more on my studies. > <; I wont be uploading as much, but I will check up on messages when I can. I'm pretty sure I'll be drawing in my free time and I'll do my best to get mandatory stuff done~

Just the thought of going back to the university makes me tired. OTL But I have to have a better attitude! * n *9 It's the start of a new semester! Time to meet new people and start off fresh again! FIGHTO! Wish me luck~ > ^ <

......summer, why are you so far away?.:iconamericawhyplz:
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Tue Dec 20, 2011, 3:59 PM
*Rises from the dead* Hey guys, I'm working on way overdue commissions. Stop by and say hi if you can! ... I'm lonely lol. ;