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DoubutsuOu: Tokio by instantmiso DoubutsuOu: Tokio by instantmiso

Omg I haven't made one of these in 5ever... ;;;

Trying for DoubustuOu :icondoubutsuou:! Because yumi seduced me to--//KICKED

Name: Tokio, Hayashi

Nickname: [none]

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 5'9"/ 145lbs (66kg)

♕ The Pandas


+ Long-range fighting
+ Crafty/quick with his hands
+ Precision
+ Creative and innovative; likes to think outside of the box

- Close-range fighting
- Low pain tolerance
- Dependent; prefers not to fight alone
- Will run away if he feels his opponent is stronger

★ Metal Yoyo - Extremely skillful with yoyo techniques, Tokio flings the metal end at his opponents with great accuracy. The downside is that if he misses, it will leave him open and defenseless to attacks. (His glove is heavily padded and prevents him from hurting his hand when the yoyo comes back to him. Plus, the string is actually a very thin metal chain which makes it more damage proof * v *b)
★ Toy Slingshot - Back up weapon for when he can't use his yoyo. He just uses rocks, pebbles, or anything small around him for ammunition.

► Childish - Similar to a little kid, Tokio is full of energy and is always seeking fun. However, he's also immature at times and can get very loud or boastful. He can be a bit of a sore loser and will sulk to himself if things don't turn out the way he wanted, but he gets over it quickly.
► Loyal - Tokio is the type to really value his friends, thus he is loyal to his group and comrades. Though he is not confident in his strength alone, he will not hesitate to support or stand up for any of his group mates.
► Arrogant - He's a loud-mouth and a show off when it comes to his abilities. Sometimes this gets him into trouble, as his bark is much bigger than his bite.
► Straightforward - He's not afraid to make his opinions known, though he can come off rather rude towards others.


+ Candy and sweets
+ Video games
+ Teasing and pulling pranks on others
+ Learning new yoyo tricks
+ Company of friends

- Reading
- Being alone
- Places that are too boring and quiet
- Losing
- Drinking straight up liqour (He usually adds lots of soda to it if he drinks)

▷ Growing up with divorced parents, Tokio was often left alone without much guidance. His childhood consisted of switching from one house to another, not having much of a family to rely on, so he made close relationships with his friends. Since then, adults have always left a bad impression on him of being too uptight and workminded, so he adapted to a more carefree lifestyle. When he turned 18, he went off on his own, taking up a few part time jobs to support himself and pay rent, occasionally crashing at friend's places when he needed to. Though it wasn't the most fabulous way of living, Tokio never seemed to mind at all and made the best of each day.
▷ As his days grew more restless, a fight between two gangs on the streets caught his attention. What intruiged him the most was that these gang members sported animal attire; it was like a game. Seeing that one group was outnumbered, he decided to join in, believing that fights should fought fairly. Helping the group reach a victory in the brawl, he was acknowledged by The Pandas and accepted into their gang.

• Though he's not a fan of books, his favorite story is Peter Pan. He believes everyone can still be a kid at heart.
• Usually has lollipops stashed away in his pockets.
• If he has a crush on someone, he'll pick on them excessively and annoy them.
• He plays with his yoyo when he's not using it as a weapon.
• His hair is originally a dark brown color.

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caseyppglove Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
He's so cute!!! Did he make it in?!? -Touches his face- Did his cute face make it in? :D
instantmiso Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Loool i don't know about cute, but he did make it in ^^ <3
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Tora-ruu Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

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